Small Sided Soccer Association (SSSA)


US Club Soccer



Year round Adult small sided soccer organized series of mini leagues around the USA delivering competitive leagues with regional and national finals.

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Child and Youth recreational and super recreational (local, non competitive) series of mini leagues.

Commencing 2018/2019 Season

Purpose: To provide organized leagues in purpose built small sided soccer centers offering positive player experiences and progressive professional operator outcomes.

Children and Youth Recreational 3 v 3, 5 v 5 and 6 v 6 Leagues: Ages 3 – 16 recreational and super recreational (NOT competitive) Midwest, West, Northwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast with leagues in any county/city who wish to participate. All players will be registered via the SSSA with US Club Soccer

Adult Competitive 5 v 5 and 7 v 7 League: Adult over 18 – Midwest, West, Northwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, with end of season county/city, regional finals, and national finals in one US city per year. All must be 18 or over and possess a US Driver’s License, be a current SSSA member and sign US Club Adult Player form (competitive).

To be certified by SSSA at a cost of $100 and renewed annually. Click HERE to fill out form

Paid up corporate members of SSSA comprising President, 10 regional Directors (each $750 per annum) and Administrator (see MEMBERS to inquire)

Indoor or Outdoor SSSA Center with purpose built small sided soccer 5 v 5 fields/s and paid up member of SSSA ($175 per center per annum). Click HERE to sign up.

Player: Paid up Small Sided Soccer Association (SSSA) child, youth or adult member with US Club reg. ($15 per annum per child/youth player and $35 per adult) INFORMATION button which is email to asking for name/email/phone number.

Children/Youth Rec/Co-Ed Leagues: 3 or 4 x 8 game seasons each season $800 per team. Roster of 8 players. $20 per game per team for referee.

Adult Comp League: 3 x 8 game seasons each season $900 per team. Roster of 8 players. $20 per game per team for referee.

Adult Comp Reg/National Finals: Top 2 teams each city/county by region in league progress to a national final in an agreed facility and location.

All player/team fees collected by and retained by each hosting current SSSA center. To become a HOST CENTER Register HERE

All players must be current paid up SSSA members and is responsibility of each center to check/waiver.